We understand that without a bank account your company will find it hard to function properly. Through the use of our banking network we can help our clients to find the best bank suitable for their needs and to assist with the account opening process with as little as possible red tape and delays. In recent years the banking world has changed dramatically and it has become more difficult to open bank accounts even more so for companies who needs to operate globally through a foreign bank account.

Vaquita maintain excellent relationships with a network of banks worldwide and has been acting as banking intermediary for years, and can help you to understand better the process and open bank accounts for your company in jurisdictions that are not directly related to the country of incorporation.

Vaquita Banking Network – We help companies to open bank accounts with our international banking network. 

In today fast moving world, many business are done online or on a global scale. With a global reach comes the need for a global banking solutions. Opening a non-domicile (meaning in a country different from the country of incorporation) is a difficult and time consuming task. Rules and regulations of central banks / financial regulators are constantly being added or changed. A central bank can force (or sometimes called “strong recommendation”) banks under its supervision to close down accounts of all non-domicile companies, regardless of their activity. There are so many rules, regulations, directives and above all paperwork, that the account opening process is sometimes being misunderstood or wrongly implemented by the banks.

Correspondent banks add their pressure on banks to reject certain clients without providing any reason for the rejection, sometime the problem doesn’t lay directly with the company but with a supplier that appears on some obscure blacklisted list that will cause the company account to be terminated. Banks will usually comply to the request of a corespondent bank without objection, just as not to hurt their relationship and risk losing the corespondent bank altogether.

When opening a bank account for your company, it is better to get a help from experts who deals with banks on a daily basis. Save time, money and frustrations getting turned down by a bank after the company went through all the hard work required to fill out a long application form(s) and to collect the required company documents, some of those documents are expensive and hard to to get.