Save time, energy, frustrations, headaches, and costs working locally. 

Vaquita was founded in 2019 with offices in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Nicosia, Cyprus. It aims to connect international companies with local service providers, such as lawyers, accountants, and other professionals.

At Vaquita, we recognize that working globally necessitates the use of the most efficient and cost-effective local solutions. Local service providers are the best choice for this purpose since they specialize in the country in which they operate.

However, identifying the most suitable local service provider can be challenging. This is where the Vaquita Network comes in. With our extensive network of service providers, you can select your preferred provider and work locally with ease. This applies to offshore company set-ups and payment solutions as well. As the world is changing rapidly and many options are available, choosing the wrong solution can be a costly mistake for your business. Hence, it is crucial to find a professional and reliable provider to cater to your needs.

Vaquita presently operates in Cyprus, Israel, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Poland, all offshore jurisdictions (e.g. Seychelles, BVI), the EU, and the USA.

Dedication, honesty and integrity. A professional and focused commitment to providing you with the best possible solution.

Vaquita’s excellent reputation is built on the integrity of its management and the dedication and professionalism of its staff. Our commitment is to get you the best solutions available from our huge network of service providers.

Vaquita and its representatives do not engage in providing legal advice or any other accounting or taxation advice. Vaquita acts as an intermediary to the solutions offered.

Vaquita – helping companies worldwide.

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